Is it possible to live a zen life? Think of zen as a meditative state. A moment-by-moment awareness of what is happening in our immediate surroundings. No trips to mountaintops or far-away destinations are necessary to find it —although zen might be there, if you are.

But if you are in the noisiest, dirtiest, most crowded place with people all doing their own thing, totally oblivious to you — you might find zen there also.

Zen is as simple and hard as this: When you put your keys down, be tuned into that exact moment of putting your keys down. Later, when you know exactly where your keys are because you were fully conscious, aware, in-the-moment and peacefully zen when you put them down — pick them up with equal presence of mind. 

The more we do this with all we do, the more peace we find in the world regardless of all the chaos around us. This is zen. 

And since I know it is this simple, why can it be so hard?

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