Do you ever reflect on life youngin’ly?  Maybe you’re confused by the word…but I bet you’ll recognize what youngin’ is when I remind you. 

Youngin’ is when you look back on HS yearbook pictures, or other photos from oh 30 years or more ago, and all those people look so old compared to how young we thought we looked at the time.

Then there’s the flip side of youngin’.  This is when we look at yearbooks of our children or grandchildren and say, “Those kids look so #young compared to what we looked like!” 

So which is it?  Were other people older in our pasts and now are they younger in our future ? Or, are our perceptions based on some whole new set of factors.  

Would love to hear your thoughts on the youngin’ conundrum!

This is me in a digital photo of a 35mmfilm as a youngin’. My son told me I looked older then, than now! Man, I love that kid!! But, I was all of 19! The year #1980 And how do you like that dyed blonde #haircut with the distinct orange undertone?!  Guess who the hairstylist was? That would be me! I guess it was my answer to the punkrock fashion style of the time! Aren’t you all happy my career took another path and that I didn’t come to give haircuts at a beauty salon near you?!!!  And, just curious — how do you think I’d look in those spikes today?  Personally I still love the look and I’m very tempted! My family is horrified and my rocker agent needs a laugh … What do you think Ginni Conquest?? 

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