We’ve all lived long enough that the odds favor the likelihood that we believe we’ve been screwed in some way or another, in some situation or by someone, at some point in our lives, possibly even many times. A normal reaction to feeling wronged is to start building up defenses and walls to prevent such from ever happening again. Consciously or not, we decide we need to protect ourselves against such perceived violations in the future. Apprehension builds against things that may or may never happen again. The proverbial baggage gets packed and carried. If we can’t put our offended, pained and angry feelings about the situation or toward the other person behind us and move on, we become harder and jaded. We actually relive the pain, re-hurting ourselves. We begin to become rigid. Not only do our perspectives become more rigid, our bodies stiffen and become less flexible as tension is held onto. This affects our mental health and our physical health, as well. Arteries, so essential to blood flowing freely with flexibility through our bodies, harden.

Aging starts when anything gets stiff, rigid and begins to loose its inherent flexibility. Youth is associated with flexibility, possibility, unfolding and stretching. Flexibility is a trait of life: Rigidity a trait of death. The more flexible we can remain, the more we can move on, living. Life is challenges and adversity. To believe otherwise is naive. Working to maintain our flexibility in body, mind and soul, the greater our physical and mental health will be. Release the chains that bind you. They’re yesterday’s news. Embrace today.

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