As we age, we tend to pick up a slew of worries about being wrong. Babies don’t worry about being wrong— they just are. They’re not worrying about wailing their opinion about a soggy diaper, hunger, loneliness, distress or anything else. It’s natural to newborns to wake up a household without any worry about being wrong. But as we progress through life, for any number of reasons, we begin to fear doing those things that we want to do that might not meet the full approval of others.

Nobody likes being in a position whereby we’re exposed as incorrect, mistaken, inaccurate, imprecise, faulty or just plain off the mark. But, here’s the thing: We need to risk being wrong. Here’s why: By allowing ourselves to be wrong, we’re actually removing a lot of pressure that we put on ourselves. It’s a heavy burden to think we must always be right. People often won’t take the risk of being wrong because we think by stifling an idea, opinion, thought, creation or otherwise—all so we can’t be wrong—that we will preserve the status quo. But it doesn’t work that way because there are no guarantees in life that anything will be preserved, period. Likewise, there are no guarantees that if you risk being wrong that you will be wrong…maybe you will be off-the-charts, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious right!  In fact—better than right!  Because no matter how you calculate being right, trying to please the world of others with your every move…your “maybe” right, gets dull, loses its punch and gets boring. Risk speaking up about what you want. Share your crazy idea. By allowing ourselves to be wrong, suddenly everything becomes possible. Trust me on this. It works in every kind of relationship —business or personal —more often than not.

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