Yesterday, the word of the day was “Beldam.”  My first thought was “That means uproar and confusion! I will use it as a writing prompt for my next essay. I can write about how we all need to think before we speak, think before we comment and post, take the beat and carefully consider whether we want to escalate a fight — which will only be won when everyone wakes up and realizes compromise is the only way forward and that it is also in everyone’s best interest.

SO THEN… I double check to see how the word beldam is defined and see I’m mistaken: It is a 15th Century word that means: “Old Woman” or “witch.”

So in those early morning hours, as I was just waking up, I realize I was reversing the d + l and seeing “beldam” as “bedlam.”  And then I though maybe witches were really wise women who sensed that certain things just weren’t right and they were trying to change the direction of events by making certain statements and predictions or by taking action to try to lead things out of chaos and into a different direction.    

The 15th Century, was actually the 1400s. Lots of fighting was going on within and between countries.  Other events included the trial of Joan of Arc (1431) AND coincidentally Gutenberg invented the printing press (1440) which certainly revolutionized access to news and could be considered the birth of more accessible media. This was an advancement that in some ways would have been as disruptive as the internet and social media of today.

I’m sharing all this because many of you often ask: “How do you come up with these ideas everyday?”  Well, now you know, my process can be pretty discombobulated!  😉

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