The biggest mistake we can ever make in life is to believe that we work for someone else. Whether we collect a paycheck or own a business and send out invoices to get paid — we supply our services to others for pay.   BUT and yes it’s a BIG BUT… the reality is that while someone else may pay us for our time and effort, any and all work we do, takes on an entirely new meaning, when we really internalize the idea that we work for ourselves. We win in little and big ways when we do our job to the best of our job doing ability because we work for our own sense of pride and accomplishment

This applies to all work — including all the work we do around our homes and in every other aspect of our lives.

While throughout life we might feel as if we’re working for others, I repeat we are working for ourselves. no matter who signs the check that pays for our home, food, clothing and any other life necessity or perk. When we own the responsibility to perform well at whatever we are doing  — we get better at it and life changes in subtle ways. Others notice our commitment. Our enthusiasm grows. Life gets better. Our effort shows that we are working for ourselves, and others are benefitting from our effort. This completes a circle making others willing to compensate us for our work.

Our time is ours. This includes our time working or playing. We are the ones spending it.  

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