Our work challenges throughout life represent a series of character building lessons that fortified our self esteem, sense of value and worth. The lessons accrued while learning & managing a variety of jobs throughout our careers, but also while doing the hard work of parenting, coping with caregiving & time offered for volunteer work. Work rewards are not always accompanied by an obvious payday. Sometimes the rewards are more subtle or seen over time like receiving a smile from another as they acknowledge our assistance or seeing a child become a responsible adult.

Hopefully we’ve remained positive while working & witnessed how our attitudes helped to make what we wanted happen: That work works best when we commit to working at it. We likely witnessed the importance of appreciation of our efforts & those of others— and how recognition inspires us to work harder. We learned about collaboration, teamwork, weak links & the value of strong ones.

We’ve also heard time & time again that the only way to do great work is to do what we love. I don’t think we have to love everything we do, but no matter what roles we try, we only waste our own time by not committing to do our best during the time spent on the job. To just be waiting for the end of the week, is a serious waste of time. No matter what the role, each is necessary to society. There is no “I’m just a…” anything. Don’t believe it? Watch what your neighborhood starts to smell like if the garbage pick up is missed. Each role contributes to the completeness of life as we know it.

Work provides opportunities to learn about ourselves & others. It forces us to communicate better on countless levels. It challenges us to grow. Learning to think before speaking, being open minded, discussing vs. arguing, watching our tone of voice, the feelings of exceeding expectations & the essential nature of praise. Work has taught us that whether our efforts were noticed or not, we had to find a way to persevere & continue regardless.

This Labor Day reflect on all the work you have done in its many forms that has helped to make your stronger, smarter, more valuable, bolder and wiser. And likewise—how your efforts benefited many others.

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