Rainy days can bring out the best or worst in people, especially in New York City. 

Yesterday I was meeting someone. When I left my apartment it was sunny. Shortly thereafter, I was soaked while waiting in front of Penn Station. 

I watched the harried commuters trying to pull the heavy doors open while trying to close their umbrellas if they were lucky enough  to be holding one…and maybe slightly less soaked.

I decided to stand, hold the door open and greet everyone entering while I was waiting. I was soaked anyway and waiting—so I decided I might as well amuse myself and help out others trying to get home. 

While some people clearly thought I was a crazy person and skirted off to other doors (I was dressed nicely enough to not be confused as homeless)— Others gave me gigantic surprised smiles and said “Thank you” in response to my: “Welcome to Penn Station!”

Later, completely drenched and about 3 blocks from my next destination, waiting for the crosswalk light, a young man in his twenties put his umbrella over my head. He simply said, “You’re very wet. As we walked, he kept the umbrella over my head. He told me he was walking to Port Authority to go home to his family. As we neared that station, he offered to give me his umbrella. I thanked him, but said I was close to my destination and didn’t want him getting wet or sick either. We parted. I was certainly touched deeply by the angel within him.

It was a wonderful rainy day.

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