There are two kinds of moments: “I wish I had” or “I’m glad I did.” Each gets down to the choices we make in preparation for the inevitable surprises that life will bring.

For example, if we plant bulbs in the chilly days of Fall, beautiful flowers bloom in the early days of Spring. In this case, we can say, “I’m glad I did.” If instead, we chose to let weeds rule, not caring for the soil, maybe randomly throwing seeds — our garden would likely not look so great come Spring…and…we might have an “I wish I had” moment.

Daily we make decisions. We can choose to eat well; exercise; educate ourselves; be creative; grow emotionally & spiritually; save money; find the best work; contribute to our communities; seek ways to nurture relationships with our family & friends…or not.

Whatever we choose, inevitably a time comes for taking responsibility & acknowledging that we made choices that benefitted us or not. Right now, on any number of fronts, there are choices that are ours to make. Each will determine how our lives will largely unfold now & in the future. As I’ve said there are no guarantees in life: But I’ve also said, it is never to late to start owning the “I’m glad I did” mindset instead of experiencing the regrets from “I wish I did.”

Eating more fruits & vegetables; committing to strengthening our bodies; educating ourselves to increase our personal knowledge & options for work; saving money for our future; volunteering to help in our communities; spending quality time with family & friends: and more: All are choices that will reap rewards more often than not.

Every day we decide how to spend our time. Today is a great day to begin doing, not wishing so we can enjoy more moments saying: “I’m glad I did.”

PS: This lesson was taught to me by the smartest elementary school principal I’ve ever met @rob_brenner of the @rumseyhallschool

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