Do you ever get fooled by appearances? I think it’s fair to say we all have been at one time or another.

Back in 1976, at about 15 years old, I was babysitting very late one evening at a house deep in the woods. With the kids finally fallen asleep, I flipped on the TV as a newscaster was interviewing a serial murderer who happened to also be quite physically attractive. The interviewer asked: “How did you get away with all these crimes?” The criminal leaned in and in his most seductive voice replied: “Humanity expects creeps like me to have a sign on my forehead that says ‘Monster.’ Yet I’m quite attractive, right? The ladies love me.”

Every aspect of that interviews cemented in my head: Probably because I also became terrified and felt very alone in a strange house. Yet, I learned a lot of lessons that night. First: Don’t watch terrifying interviews when you’re alone in someone else’s house. Second: Don’t judge anyone by their physical appearance—no matter what we might think they look like.  

While I’ll always wish I didn’t see that interview, I’ll always be glad I did. It was a priceless eye-opener. It really made my teenage-self think far beyond the superficiality of appearances and way more about the importance of depth and making sure I was having conversations and paying close attention to actions that would allow me to make more accurate assessments of another.

I realize this is a bit dark—but it was a priceless lesson for me. So I’m sharing it with you. Clearly not all handsome people are monsters; but equally worth considering is: Have you missed a great love or friendship because you focused more on looks than substance? These are private personal assessments, but they are worth careful assessment.

PS: This photo is from a no-makeup, no-smiles allowed fashion shoot.

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