Artist Pablo Picasso said, “The older you get the stronger the wind gets – and it’s always in your face.” Author Stephen King shared, “I like to hang out clothes on windy days. Sometimes that’s all I feel like. A sheet on a line.” Charlie Brown creator Charles Schultz reminded us that “Faith is holding on tight when the going gets windy.”

Whether the wind is on your back — helping your get to your next destination in life — or in your face — so that you want to tuck down and hide—the fact is that there will always be wind. 

Winds are referred to according to their force, strength and direction: Gusts, squalls, breezes, gales, storms and hurricanes. Wind is a cause of erosion and extraordinary destruction in the event of a wildfire. But wind also aids in the pollination of flowers and planting of seeds, while providing cooling relief on a hot summer day. 

When facing a cold front, when life feels like a tornado is stirring up a ruckus on every front, remember it will pass. Weather situations are always temporary. A satisfying balmy refreshing breeze will come. This is life. 

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