In my late teens, my Father said: “Turn your back on the deceivers who say, ‘Don’t complicate your life.’” He was a man of very few words, so I spent a lot of time trying to understand what he was trying to tell me. Eventually, I realized he was encouraging me to be skeptical of anyone promising the easy life: He wanted me to make choices that embrace life’s complexities and challenges with critical thinking and to pursue meaningful experiences.

It’s is not uncommon to encounter people encourage taking the easy, effortless path, suggesting that complications and difficulties should be avoided at all costs. The promise is that simplifying one’s life leads to happiness, success or a stress-free existence. Yet, this perspective can be deceptive and misleading.

Life inherently involves complexities and challenges and it is through these events that we learn, grow & discover our true potential. By turning our backs on the deceiver who urges us to avoid complications, we reject a passive and stagnant existence in favor of a more fulfilling life that might help us discover who we are and what we love.

Embracing life’s complexities means acknowledging that growth often comes from stepping outside of our comfort zones, taking risks, and facing obstacles head-on. It means we’ll have to risk engaging with the world around us, seek new experiences, and pursuing passions and interests, even if they seem daunting.

We can bet on the fact that life will involve complications: Relationships, work, health and societal issues will challenge us. Yet, we can view each as opportunities to test our curiosity, resilience and willingness to learn as we gain deeper understandings of ourselves and the world — and maybe even creating more meaningful connections with others in the process

Last but not least, embracing complexities helps us develop critical thinking skills and might even inspire us to question oversimplified narratives and seek out the truth. By refusing to accept simplistic explanations, we can engage in thoughtful analysis, make informed decisions, and contribute more positively to our communities.

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience