Breathing is something we all do naturally. While I’m regularly reminding us all to breathe, it’s actually something we never have to be reminded to do. It is an involuntary response that was “invented” approximately 3.77 billion years ago. That said, stopping to concentrate on our breath still helps us relax.  

When we notice ourselves yawning, coughing or sneezing, we’re getting information that our body is lacking oxygen due to decreased breathing.

Recently, I was invited on a trip to beautiful Deer Valley, Utah. The mountain reaches altitudes between 8,100 to 9,570 feet. The higher you go, the more atmospheric pressure changes and greater volumes of air must be inhaled to breathe in the same amount of oxygen we normally require. While I didn’t get altitude sickness, my lungs were very challenged. As someone who has already experienced heart irregularities, I was unpleasantly surprised as I got a glimpse of what congestive heart failure might be like or other illnesses whereby the heart struggles to enough oxygen-rich blood flow into the lungs for adequate breath.

If I ever needed another reason to stay committed to exercise and healthy living, I have one now. I never want to experience shortness of breath ever again. Trust me on this and Share this reason with me!

When I remind us all to breath, it’s not just for us to stop, regroup and reduce stress — although those are big benefits.  Breathing is also the mechanism essential to speaking, laughing, release of a variety of emotions…and living!

Today, remember to stop and breath. Appreciate your miraculous body. Treat it well. It’s the only one we get and we want it to stay in peak capacity for a long lifetime.

PS: This Photo is me with the remarkable @Jenniferstarr1 Check out her page! And yes, not only does she make stars, that’s her real name! 

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