I’m not a fan of re-writing or deleting any parts of our history. BUT, I am a major advocate for adding more voices and perspectives — AND since truth always comes after ‘but” let me continue…

Why I mention the truth after the but is not just because I wrote it that way.   

Imagine retelling a story with a family member or friend who was with you at the exact event you are describing. Rarely will they agree 100% with the way you are telling the story.  They’ll add statements like:  “But you forget to say that this also happened.”  Or, “But wait that’s not how I remember it.” Or, “But you didn’t mention who else was there.” Or, any number of other “buts.”

The original story isn’t invalid.  Rather, the additional color from others adds additional important perspective to the big picture.  The montage of history, facts, feelings, perspectives amalgamate to create a better and clearer history. 

That’s just something I’m thinking about.  Thoughts anybody?  

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