Being optimistic is a choice that we can make each moment, in every situation & on a daily basis. 

I choose optimism because it’s a life philosophy that I believe sets the stage for life to unfold accordingly, helping me fulfill my dreams. Choosing optimism I  see the bright side of life vs. allowing myself to dwell in darkness.

I choose to be optimistic because I prefer smiling vs. frowns. 

I choose optimism because it makes me see everything as a lesson, not a failure. 

I choose optimism because I believe it’s been the greatest contributor to my health because being optimistic means I want to live a long, healthy life. So, I choose healthier foods, walking, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate sleep and rest. 

I choose optimism because its been my best super power for making friends and maintaining relationships. It is the best reinforcement for confirming belief in humankind. 

I choose optimism because I know it rains in life, but I also know the sun will shine again. I know each season brings changes to the world (and wrinkles to our faces) but also different perspectives of beauty unfold. 

I choose optimism because I believe it’s our best accessory and looks fabulous with whatever we’re wearing.

I’m @DianGriesel aka a perception analyst & strategist; creative attitude disrupter & adjuster; author of The Silver Disobedience Playbook & TurboCharged: The Silver Disobedience Edition; and the blogger & model known as @SilverDisobedience  More info on my websites (search my name) and at Wilhelmina Models. Silver Disobedience® is a Registered Trademark.