A big benefit of aging is that it tends to make us our own authority figures. Ideally, by this stage of our lives, gone are the days when we were completely vested in what everybody thought about our every action. 

We’re old and wise enough to decide for ourselves what is right for us. This is not to say we don’t respect the opinions of others. It’s more that we have become much better at listening to these opinions—pulling out what we think might be valid and then more comfortably deciding what is best for ourselves. Our age seems to have helped us become more comfortable with looking closely at our lives through our personal moral compass. We are more able than ever to make decisions based on the hard-earned understanding that the only real authority figure for our actions and the life we lead is ourselves. 

Of course, we may pray for guidance. We will also all likely still look to other people for their opinions at times, but we now know that once we decide to start “opinion seeking,” we’ve probably already made our decisions and are instead looking for validation of our plans.

Silver Disobedience is a phase of accepting utmost responsibility for our actions. We no longer want others to make our decisions. We’re making them ourselves. Are you your own authority figure?

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