Some days we wake up completely inspired, ready for anything. Other days, not quite.

If a cup of coffee, tea, a morning stretch or whatever we do to get our motors running doesn’t seem to pop our clutch and get us into gear, we need to immediately set a plan.

When I have less inspired days, I immediately start thinking about what I can do to get my mojo back. It could be as simple as a call to a friend or, better, an impromptu dinner or visit with that friend. Maybe I stop into a nail salon and book a 10 minute minute neck and shoulder massage. Write it out in a journal or doodle the mood away. Perhaps I cut out and take a walk around the block and smile at strangers. Sometimes I take a drive, blast the radio and sing really loudly. The point is: Change up the daily action. We can and we must.

Days ebb and flow as do moods and emotions. When we have a dip that can be triggered by nothing, family, work or other forces — we need to redirect our energies. The moment we own our choice to act, we feel better.

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