When the going gets tough a variety of thoughts run through my head. I recall that most of my failures haven’t been fatal — and I’ll likely continue to fail at times, but hopefully those fails won’t be too epic.  I also remember that whatever successes I may be having…they aren’t the first and they won’t be the last.  I know that it’s my courage that I bring to any situation that will count the most and carry me though. And, I know that courage, is what I’ll need when I’m afraid to do something, but commit to doing it anyway.  I also recognize that the biggest struggles I will ever confront will be within myself.  Yes, I’ll hear the negative, nay-saying opinions of others, but their thoughts about me? They can’t possibly hold anything close to the impact of me doubting myself.  

I accept that it’s quite likely that the remarkable achievements, which we all recognize as “greatness” — no doubt were doubted by many others, yet those who dared, believed they could do something bigger and better than their current circumstances.  I believe courage is within our capacity if it is coupled with our imagination and belief, and also that the obstacles will look large or small based on how I’m perceiving myself in the moment. 

I know for sure that what I expect from myself vs. what I expect from others, is what will make all the difference in how I will see the day ahead of me, the future and all that I will encounter tomorrow.

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