Don’t worry about whether you’re “there” yet. I’m not even sure where there is?! Don’t worry if you’re done either. Or complete. 

Life is a an ongoing evolution. In any given moment, we are exactly as we should be. Perfect for the moment: Supreme in who we are; knowing what we know.

Yet tomorrow, we will each be different. Everything we learned today accumulates and arises with us, along with the next new dawn. 

Today, we’re just a bit older, wiser, different. Subtle as it is, it happens. 

Our needs at any point of life determine the speed of our changes. Sometimes if seems as if we’re changing by the minute. Other days we think we’re the same old, same old…even though we are not, because life at its most basic biological essence makes this impossible. 

Each change prepares us for the new challenges of living life. Personally tailored to our own needs and strengths. Accumulating. Making us stronger. More ready for whatever life has in store for us. While we may not realize it, with a subtle flourish, we develop as is necessary, day after day, getting stronger for every possible experience that we may encounter. 

And here’s the twist: This isn’t just happening to you. It is happening to every one of us. Day in and day out. 

That’s what I’m thinking about: 7.8 billion people growing & changing daily. 

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