(SD-SP) They’re very rare, but one of the fastest growing segments of the population is centenarians, or people who live to be 100 years old. While each and every birthday is a cause for celebration, turning 100 is something truly special.

What’s the secret to living to 100? Researchers have been studying this, such as those at Boston University who found that, while genetics can certainly play a role, so can being fit and better able to handle stress. Additional studies, such as one published by Mayo Clinic Proceedings found that active engagements and development of social networks and support systems can be beneficial to longevity.

This could be part of the reason why Brookdale Senior Living celebrates so many centenarians, like Ruth, Josephine, Nina, Dorothy, Jeanne, Stella, Martha, Phyllis, Marjory and Naomi – all of whom turned at least 100 this year. In fact, Naomi and Ruth turned 106 and 107, respectively!

Brookdale Senior Living has the perfect setting to foster centenarians. It provides “stress-free” living by eliminating the need to deal with home maintenance, chores, cooking if you don’t want to, driving if you prefer not to and accessing healthcare. While everyone has their own personal space at Brookdale, Brookdale offers a number of social activities to help keep residents active and engaged. Many Brookdale residents end up finding a new hobby that they have never even tried before! It’s essentially like being on a college campus again, minus the need to cram for exams – whatever hobby or interest or activity residents want to pursue, or club they want to join – it’s all right at their fingertips. And then everyone can even hang out at the on-site cafe or courtyard at many of its locations.

Another way Brookdale residents foster their longevity? By partying! Beyond birthdays, residents regularly enjoy happy hours, Sunday brunches (who says avocado toast is only for millennials?), and holiday parties. Recently, one Brookdale location threw a space-themed bash, under the stars that truly “knocked it out of this world.” Whether they were dressed as astronauts or Martians, everyone seemed to have a “blast.” Living at Brookdale means just that – taking advantage of all life has to offer.

So, any senior who is seeking the magic fountain of youth ought to channel The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy and start looking in their own backyards – Brookdale has 675+ communities in 41 states, both rural and metropolitan – that are ready to start your celebration.