In life when things go wrong it’s important to get into a mindset of “What’s next?” as quickly as possible. Challenges will always present themselves. There will be problems no matter how we plan. We can either get thrown like a kite in the wind, swaying back and forth in all directions, or we can immediately elect to get our thought processes into resolution mode so we can make new choices.

When we shift our thinking into “what’s next” we move to seeking solutions vs. seeing problems. A challenge has presented itself and with intent, we can earnestly seek resolution. A ‘what’s next’ attitude  kicks our gears into action, limits our inclination to linger on doubt and puts us back into bold decision mode.

The reestablishment of a new direction, adjusted with more information when we get it —even if it hit us like a tornado —  makes the difference in processing our lessons as failures or routes to success with additional directions or a new map.

Allowing ourselves to linger in problems, means we’re resisting normal life which is ever-filled with challenges. We can change our mindsets to find resolutions, helping ourselves or the situation in the process. Asking: “What’s next?” is empowering. It’s a phrase that becomes a new way to thinking that almost miraculously can help us to see previously unseen possibilities instead of stagnating or accepting of what may not need to be.

Next time something doesn’t go quite as planned…Put on your “What’s Next!” attitude and see what happens!  Letting go of what’s gone, appreciating what still remains while adopting the perspective of looking forward to what’s coming next! It’s a game changer!   

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