Here’s a good life rule if you want more peace in your life: “Don’t major in the minors.”  

While it’s certainly our prerogative to get all twisted, rant and voice opinions about any number of the annoying things the 7.5 billion people inhabiting Earth do day-to-day, it’s really not beneficial to our health, wellbeing, relationships and longevity to continually fume or exist in a state of ready combustion.

Instead, the goal is to privately consult with our personal moral compass and to then set  course through our actions vs. words starting in our own backyards. “Show” works much more effectively than “tell.” When we focus on change within ourselves, which is where it needs to begin, then we can major only in what is really worth fighting for, and acknowledge the other “stuff” with a nod; maybe a knowing smile; and, a sincere “Whatever.” 

PS: Did you know that if you accidentally type a D instead of an E that Earth becomes Darth?  Now I don’t know if that is just a coincidence considering the most famous, Darth, as in Vader, absolutely held onto his anger for far too long and missed a lot of special moments with Luke and Leia.  I’m just sayin….he could have learned to say, “Whatever.”

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