To increase the odds that exciting new outcomes will “present” themselves to us, we have to stay present.  If we’re feeling sad, pessimistic, mournful, sorrowful, bitter or melancholy — it’s likely that we’re spending too much time thinking about the past. When we start to feel anxious, nervous, afraid, apprehensive or scared — it’s likely we’re focusing too much on the future. Neither the past nor future will give us accurate info as to what is likely going to happen in the present moment we’re in (except for the impact of doing stupid stuff which requires no additional explanation.)

While appreciating the limited time we have is a trait that tends to become more clear with each year of living, it’s a characteristic we can hone at any time because it’s a matter of choice.

It’s only right now that we have the opportunity to decide what we’re going to do to make a difference in our relationships, health, work-lives, fun-lives or anything else. We can spend hours contemplating—but it’s our actions in any given moment that will make the difference of a better life…or not.

While the winds of change may not always cooperate with our plans, we can still use their force to propel us to where we want to go.  So, whatchagonnadoaboutit now?

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