I want my life to be filled with a bunch of UFPs or “Unfinished Projects.” 

Of course I like to finish what I started, but the urge to start new projects at every age, and at any time in our lives, is a big factor in the equation of living a long life. Knowing we still have lots to finish, while adding new projects to our To Do lists, keeps us moving forward, thinking, vital and energized. I hope I never run out of ideas and things that I need to try, test out and do because my UFP list assures me that my imagination along with my urge to experiment and challenge myself is alive and has me revving to go forth. A long list of UFPs of a similar nature are indicators guiding you to your True Life Passions…if you’ve wondered what those might be. 

I recently spent a week with my older sister. She sews and smocks with the skills that the royal seamstress to the princess Cinderella might have had. The detail in the clothing she makes for her grandchildren, just like those she made for her own children, is extraordinary. 

Honestly?  I think she’ll live to be 100. Every time I see her, she’s just finished a few more pieces of clothing that are each museum-quality art. Yet, she always also has a bunch of fabrics selected and more designs in various stages of completion. 

While sometimes our UFPs might feel a little stressful, they’re also a sign that we’re percolating up all kinds of ways to do more of the things we love. 

What projects are you working on today? What projects might you be adding to keep yourself invigorated and moving forward? Say them out loud here to make their ultimate manifestation more likely. 

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