I was asked by several of you to list what I love about Fall. Here’s my list in no particular order. Hopefully it will help us all to remember that life is still beautiful. 🍂 How the trees color the sky with orange, yellow, pink, brown leaves and green pines. The face on a child rolling in leaves surpassed only by the adult that rakes the pile and lets kids jump in them resulting in even more raking. Crisp air. Cozy hoodies and sweaters. The scent of rotting leaves. Biting into a freshly picked Fall apple from a farm. Swapping out sandals for boots. Hearty soups and stews in a crock pot that fill the house with all kinds of inviting smells. Visiting local shops that have gone all out to decorate their stores. The crunchy sound of walking on la blanket of leaves. Layering up clothes.  Creatively carved pumpkins that have been picked from vast pumpkin patches that are a beautiful mix of green and orange. Swapping pastel nail polish for deep dark reds. Long scarves that wrap around at least twice.  Cornfield mazes. Gourds. Steamy apple cider. Taking a train ride into a rural area just to look out the window — no texting allowed. The vibrant colors of the Fall sunsets. Flannel PJs. Outdoor fire pits or candles by the couch.  Good recipes for pumpkin anything. The sounds and musty smells of the rain and cold drizzles. Butternut and acorn squash with butter and pepper.  Target practice with bows and arrows or skeet. A cup of herbal tea with a cinnamon stick…actually cinnamon on anything. Cuddling in a blanket looking out at a gray sky. Hot chocolate. Tricker-treaters. The NYC Halloween Parade. Planning for holiday visits. 🍁 What did I miss? Tell me your favorite things about Fall. 🍂

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