At a party in 9th grade, I was the first to sample a slice  of pizza when it arrived. I promptly alerted my friends: Don’t eat it! It’s sour! Something has gone bad with the sauce or cheese!

Several of the guys who were ravenously hungry, ignored my warnings. Eight slices down, they assured me that I was nuts and the pizza was just fine.

So, why the disconnect? Answer: I had never tasted a black olive and the pizza was loaded with them.

Like many things in life, our first taste, our first exposure to anything, may or may not be pleasurable. Yet, that doesn’t mean it will always be how we see things.

Today I visit all the international food markets in NYC to find the freshest olives in all colors, shapes and sizes. I went from thinking they were poison to sometimes feeling that nothing else will quite satisfy some unidentifiable craving I might be having.

So what changed? Certainly not the olives! They’ve been around over 2,000+ years and were found in Egyptian tombs.  

My preference regarding the taste of olives changed.  

There’s a lesson here:  Preferences and perspectives change.  Not just with olives, but with many things. So, when we find ourselves “set” — very sure that “the way it is, is the way it is” —  maybe it’s time to revisit to decide if anything has changed.

That’s what I’m thinking about.

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