Like yogurt but want to try something new? Looking to get in more probiotics? It might be working trying kefir.

Kefir is a fermented milk product that has become a trendy superfood, according to Real Simple. It’s made with starter grains, just like sourdough bread, according to Healthline. These grains have yeasts, milk proteins and “good” bacteria.

While it is now a trend, kefir has actually been associated with health benefits for hundreds of years, particularly in Russia, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe where it has its roots. Here’s what some of the science says:

Additionally, kefir can come in many forms and does not have to be dairy-based in order to show benefits. It could be made with soy, coconut or even cashew milk, so it could also be a fantastic way to consume probiotics for those who are avoiding dairy. Curiosity about kefir piqued? Give it a try. Of course any questions should be answered by a medical professional who can provide personalized suggestions.

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