What I’m Reading this Week… No. 3 Highlights

This was a busy week for me and there were lots of the news headlines of a such a nature that I decided to avoid much of mainstream media for the most part – unless I needed to know about the topic to navigate an issue for one of our PR clients at DGIcomm. I figured if I really needed to know about … whatever… it’s a pretty sure bet these days that someone will tell me.

General News

Reading that 4 children ages 1 to 13 survived a plane crash followed by roaming the Amazon jungle for 40 days made my day! The fortitude of the eldest, a 13 year old girl, is a remarkably heartwarming tale.

Enjoyed reading how Jay Baker of Jamestown Plastics and others are nurturing young talent moving them right into manufacturing and production careers right out of high school.  These apprentice programs are priceless community assets. Would love to see more of them start up again!


I’ve closely watched the work from home trend.  I believe it holds the potential to be very hurtful to the careers of young new hires entering the workforce on countless levels. More so, it makes me wonder when the discussion will be elevated to how elitist (for lack of a better word) it is to demand that some of us should be allowed to work from home — but others should be required to serve our needs (ie: mechanics, plumbers, drivers, food/grocery staff and delivery companies, etc…..) I really wonder where this will all shake out.  Personally, I think human interaction is a priceless driver of progress — even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way! I’d never give up an office experience!


Years ago someone turned me on to the Empowering Parents program.  I’ve recommended it to countless parents and purchased it as a gift so often that at one point the company called and said they thought someone might have stolen my credit card!  Their free website has lots of advice that is good not only for parents – but also for personally coping in many aspects of life. The other day a friend told me that their middle school child was depressed, having trouble in school and acting out. I’ve heard this many times over the past several years now, so I referred them to this article and encouraged them to read others on the site as well.

Work was and continues to be a large part of the foundation of my self-esteem. It was and is something I have to do for myself: Get the job and then show up to prove I can do it!  This article on helicopter parenting is worth a read if you’re not stepping back when it comes to your children. The very things that make someone proud — starting with overcoming challenges — start when we have to pull up our pants and get to it.  Aren’t we all most proud of the things we figured out and accomplished on our own? Don’t deny your children this experience.

Health & Fitness

I do believe in the power of Meditation so my Wikipedia reading this week was the page on Meditation. It’s worth taking the time to read — if you’ve got an hour or two! Lots to absorb with tons of links for really digging in deep!

Can positive relationships strengthen our immune system? Maybe!

I love cherry tomatoes and sweet 100s with lots of basil. So, in my search for good tomato salads, I landed on this. It was delicious!

Walking is an easy way to burn calories and accelerate any shape-up plan.


Clothes intrigue me when the quality is top of the line and the style is eternal. I really like this line.

Real Estate

My brother told me that the Stratford Shoal Lighthouse was up for sale for $10,000. After I saw the pictures and thought – what a cool spot to own – he told me that the seagulls and black flies made it basically impossible to inhabit. Upon more research, I found quite a few lighthouses were going up for sale.  In case you don’t mind seagulls and flies? Here’s the lighthouse sale scoop!

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