What I’m Reading – No. 5 Highlights

I recently had the pleasure of hearing author and columnist Douglas Murray speak in person.  I immediately ordered two of his 7 books and I’m starting with this one.  Straight up:  I read the introduction 3 times. That’s how impactfully full this book is with thought-provoking insights.


Identical twins conducted a 20 vs. 40 minute exercise experiment.  Here are the results.



As someone who has been a crisis manager for a variety of publicly traded companies and also (confidentially) for select individuals – it’s my job to know what is trending.  I read all far left and far right media along with everything in between.  This is a must read for anyone interacting with the public.



Ideology and indoctrination are intriguing ideas to stay on top of for a perception analyst.

I enjoyed the Tulsa King series with Sylvester Stallone. So I checked out this quick read.


Music History:

Richard Lester Meyers, better known by his stage name Richard Hell was a prime influence behind many punk bands. If you were a fan of Neon Boys, Television, or Richard Hell & the Voidoids, check out this recent interview.


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