What I’m Reading – No. 4 Highlights…


I may or may not like what anyone has to say. But I stand by free speech and my choice to listen or just as loudly oppose and confront. So, I’ve been watching these developments closely.

Also trying to understand this new phrase that keeps popping up.

AND…to help me understand the evolution of political theories…I’m re-reading this great book!



Intermittent fasting is a big buzz word. Is it healthy? Lots of the articles reference fasting most of the day and eating later towards evening. I always wondered if this was science based or to accommodate dinner and the tendency to want to munch when relaxing in the evening and getting tired. This article talks about a new, very small study that shows eating early in the day and less towards the evening might have a more beneficial health impact.

I pretty much focus on eating a plant based diet supplemented by cheese, along with some fish and meat.  But, I do follow supplementation news. This article about vitamin D was intriguing.



If you’re seeking a wardrobe refresh that will take you not just through the Summer but through many seasons for years to come, check out my collab with Ruti.  The Ruti line is the namesake collection by designer Ruti, a phenomenal woman who is really on the pulse of what women want: Stylish fashionable clothing that is comfortable and wears well from day-to-night, season-after-season. As difficult as it was, I pulled out my ultra-favorites here (though there are so many on the website it was very difficult to decide!)



Leyla Uysal is the first woman from her very small town in Kurdish Turkey to come to the USA to pursue a college degree. She’s also the founder of Bajer Watches. Here she shares a few thoughts about being an entrepreneur.



If you’re planning any travel with a pet this Summer, you’ll want to read this before you go.  Internationally acclaimed Pet Ambassador Gayle Martz shares great tips for traveling with animal companions.

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