What I’m Reading this Week… No. 2 Highlights


Does it take courage to let yourself be disliked?


Emotional Health

Want to be happier? Here are personality traits that define happier people.


General Learning

Debated about putting this under a fitness heading – because I usually only listen to a podcast – or Stuff You Should Know — while working out.

Growing up, I actually read Encyclopedia Britannica – possibly from start to finish (or at least the parts I found interesting!)  No TV was the rule in our house – so it really was my entertainment. As I’ve mentioned, I’m a Wikipedia fan because I actually like the collective nature of the content. I regularly stop in to see how the crowd defines something. This week it was art.



Remember when we rode in station wagons with no seat belts and hung our feet off the back of pick up trucks? This article looks at letting kids learn from taking risks – and maybe experiencing some epic fails…just like we did.

I’m a big Chris Pratt fan…still haven’t seen the newest Guardians of the Galaxy…but I admit to really liking the first two…Yet is it the weirdest Marvel movie yet?

Would you get in a rocket and travel to space? I’m not sure I could do that…but as I think about Guardians of the Galaxy…I figured I’d check out the cutting edge of actual space travel!



As someone very interested in health and nutrition – the food supply – and anything that might impact it captures my interest. This is a big story I’ve been following for a few years now.

Pictures tell so many stories


Politics & Government

I find it VERY hard to believe anyone actually read this…. And further can’t believe anyone really actually knows what’s really actually in it.

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