Here’s a small sampling of what I read this week that I think is share-worthy.  Normally I’ll be posting these columns every Monday, but this Monday is Memorial Day and that deserves respect — not my reading list. As an FYI before you scroll or start clicking links,  I read everything I can get my hands on. All sides. All perspectives. Only by reading what a variety of people have to say can I form my own, hopefully intelligent,  perspectives.


Are You All in on Keto or as Confused as Everyone Else. Read this to find “A Surprising Reason Why You May Need More Carbs in Your Diet”

Ray Peat never wrote a book but he’s long been one of the more intriguing thinkers about hormonal health.

Stress impacts health in many unseen ways. This article proposes that one might be “learned helplessness.”

I enjoy following Joan MacDonald and her @TrainwithJoan Instagram feed. So I was especially enjoyed seeing she received some deserved media coverage here.

I love fresh herbs – so I read this.



Can you still be relevant at 90? I think so. This article confirms it.

Bud Light. A marketing case study on the “know your client” rule.


General News 

More candidates joining 2024 Presidential Election. The list of announced and possible runners is growing.

My longtime bank, First Republic is now owned by JPMorgan Chase, so I read this.



Joe Perry, Aerosmith’s phenomenal guitarist, claims this house – that I once owned – was haunted! Note: I was not interviewed for the article nor asked to share my views.

A Photographic Diary of Skateboarding Life

Vincent Furnier, master showman and far more conservative than the shows and media would have audiences believe.



If you happen to live in NYC and want to help some students very directly in a very positive way. Check this out.



This week our son showed me some amazing marble sculptures he was researching for his art history class. These were made centuries before we were all born.

With great sadness I learned of Tina Turner’s death – so I did a cumulative read of her life.


Editorial/Opinion Articles

What James Fishback is doing to bring back the art of healthy debate is commendable. In this article he discusses what debate was, what it has eroded into and how we can bring it back for a new generation of students.

An op/ed – meaning opinions are clearly identified as opinions – regarding democracy and the Durham report.

Should “The Fed” have the right to print money whenever and then play with interest rates if maybe mistakes were made? What about reforming with some checks & balances?

Because the topic has been trending on Twitter, I did a Wikipedia refresher on this.



Took this book off my shelf and re-read it. My many highlighted sections remain relevant.

A breakdown of the forms of resistance preventing us from doing what we want to do.

My brilliant brother suggested I read about this nutritionally-based, hormone balancing, fat burning program with lots of surprises – including not what you’ll expect to read about vilified sugar.

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