I’ve decided to start to share a very private side of my personality. (NO. You won’t ever be seeing me in my underwear. Ever.) Rather, because I’m regularly asked: “What do you read?”  I’ll be starting a new recurring column that will feature the broad array of what I read on a weekly basis

Within this column — which will only be posted to my website — I will share headlines with links to a variety of articles, books or posts that I have read during the week, learned from, gained new perspectives and think are worth sharing. 

SO, if you are at all curious as to the very broad range of topics that fire up my brain cells, I’ll be posting these columns on the Silver Disobedience website — starting next Monday and every Monday thereafter. 

Again, you’ll have to visit my website at SilverDisobedience.Rocks to read my new and ongoing article series entitled: What I’m Reading. They will be numbered so they’ll be easy to find. Next week starts #1

To get a reminder (in case you want to read this column) get your name on my email list. Sign up on the homepage of the website by clicking the Subscribe Link in the upper right coroner.  I’ll also post a teaser in my IG story and/or Facebook page, so you know where and how to find these articles going forward!