I’m often asked: What kinds of books do you read?  I’m going to answer with genre’s along with a few specifics. I read early Greek philosophical writings. Someday I hope to master the Socratic method of learning by not sharing opinions, but only asking questions. I love fables and parables. I’m a huge fan of Aesop, a Greek slave, whose wisdom 2,500 years later, still resonates. (More on this in a moment) I immerse myself in religious texts and since getting my first copy at 13 years old, “Good News for Modern Man,” is still my favorite, easy-to-read version of the New Testament.  I like books by people who put Buddhist philosophy into the Zen-zone for modern, practical life. Cheri Huber is a champion at this. I read science — namely pharma, biotech, med-tech & wellness. This does Not include science that has been politicized. I read clinical trials and go deep. I’ve been doing this for a living for 27 years and counting. This keeps me motivated to choose food carefully & exercise. I’ve also worked with the stock market simultaneously for the past 27 years as most of my PR clients have been public companies. But far more intriguing to me than financial reading— is diving deep into economic factors and forces. From an economic perspective, I love reading Libertarian philosophy. While many erroneously believe that Libertarianism means someone is wholly anti-establishment (in a bow-tie punk sort of way) or thinks of it as a political party — I wholly disagree with this assessment. Rather, I believe Libertarian principles would benefit either party in the US, and likely those of other countries as well.  To me, Libertarian philosophy is “Economics 101.” If you want to understand the ideas in a practical, real-time sort of way, read, “Bourbon for Breakfast” by Jeffrey Tucker. It’s a captivating compilation of highly observant essays regarding all kinds of policies that have been passed by both sides of the table—and will make you wonder, “What happened to common sense?”

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Aesop fables, along with some of my original musings, while adding some sponsored posts from carefully vetted partners. I hope you carefully consider those partner posts, like you would any of my content, because frankly, they are helping me to bring you this daily programming. While I get countless offers, I partner only very selectively. Lastly Mom isn’t doing well. So, as many of you have noticed, I’ve been slow in responding to comments. Nonetheless, I read and appreciate each one. You make me smile. Thanks again. Love, Dian aka @SilverDisobedience

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