#SP  Moving. Moving on. Starting anew. Most of us are old enough to have done plenty of that kind of moving. But how about moving as the truest expression of being physically free and mobile? Moving so we have the stamina to go go go, while simultaneously benefitting as the movement declutters our minds from stressful thoughts.

Healthy bodies MOVE daily! Today I #MoveFor Pink along with @EasySpiritOfficial who is proudly donating 15% of sales for each pair of pink Romy sneakers purchased to help support #breastcancer research.

I move not only to stay healthy but also to support others that are battling cancer, who may have lost some mobility. I move for pink for those, including some of my close friends and family members that are not just #cancersurvivors  but thriving with a new lease on life.

Walking is one of the best ways to move and improve our health. Here are some #EasyTips to get more walking into daily activities – 1) Put on a favorite playlist, the news, an audiobook or podcast and just go! Before work, after accomplishing a task on a to-do list, or right after lunch or dinner 2) Running an errand? Park further away to incorporate more walking. Take the long route whenever possible. 3) Know anyone with a dog? Offer to join them or borrow their dog & walk!  4) Shows like “The West Wing” are famous for their “walk and talks.” Hold your next meeting or conference call while walking around outside the office. 5) Instead of meeting a friend for a dinner, suggest a walk…or a walk first. 6) Competitive spirit? Smartphones and smartwatches can track each step – but so can a simple pedometer that can be clipped on. 

Easy Spirit Romy Sneaker

I’m @DianGriesel AKA @SilverDisobedience