(SP) Moles have my attention and should have yours, too! While I embrace my signature mole on my face, I know it puts me at a higher risk for skin cancer. I watch my moles closely (YOU are the best advocate for your health!) because moles can change with time and environmental factors, and change = get them checked!

There are different types of moles with the most common being small, pink, tan, or brown in color, and having a well-defined border. Some moles are present at birth and other moles can develop over time. Some moles are irregular in shape, color, and/or size.

Make sure to self-check! According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 20-30% of melanomas, the most serious form of skin cancer, start from an existing mole. Be sure to watch for changes. I do my mole check when I do my monthly breast self-exam! Use a mirror or take a photo to compare each month for changes.

Use the ABCDE Rules to guide your self-checks. ‘A’ is for asymmetry. ‘B’ is for border, referring to uneven edges that aren’t clearly defined. ‘C’ is for color. Look if it has more than one color, the color has changed, or the color looks abnormal in any way. ‘D’ is for diameter. If it’s bigger than a pencil eraser, you probably want to have it checked. ‘E’ is for evolving. So, if a mole has changed in any way, get it checked out.

Now that you know the basics of moles, what can you do to protect yourself from sun damage? Besides applying SPF 50 to all exposed skin, my secret is Coolibar, a leader in UPF protective clothing. Their fabrics protect skin from UVA and UVB rays even better than sunscreens. They offer clothing for men, women, and children. No matter who you are, they’ve got you covered! All clothing is UPF 50, blocking 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. And the best part is, Coolibar offers so many chic styles and color options that I don’t have to compromise my style to protect my skin. Win, win!

If you have moles like me, and you probably do, remember to self-check monthly and protect yourself in style with Coolibar apparel whenever you’re outdoors!