I write blogs in my head constantly: whether it starts with a conversation I’m in, one I overhear or an event that might be happening. Yesterday, we were having guests for dinner so I decided to make a carrot cake. But, I was working and multi-tasking as this was also in the middle of my work day and I still had lots of work to complete. When I took the cake out of the oven, it wasn’t as fluffy as usual: I was annoyed. Frustrated with myself, and maybe a little angry that I rushed or forgot something. Next, because I was still trying to “Just get it all done” I frosted the cake while it was still warm.  The frosting was semi-melting, sliding off the sides and sloshing around the cake.  So, my mind (that I mentioned is always writing) started to formulate an analogy of how hot cakes need to cool down just like people do when we’re frustrated, angry or feeling over-worked. ✨

If I had allowed myself an hour or two to let the cake cool, while finishing all the other things I needed to get done— both the cake and my mood would have been better. But instead, I wanted to control the process, instead of respecting it. ✨

That’s my story, but here’s the recipe for my Mom’s carrot cake that still tasted delicious and is actually really difficult to screw up! 🥕

Jane Griesel-Lemoine’s Carrot Cake Recipe

3 cups of grated carrots; 2 cups of flour; 2 cups of sugar; 2 tsp. baking soda; 2 tsp. cinnamon; 1 cup of olive oil; 4 eggs.

Blend all together and put into the lightly oiled cake pans of your choice. (I like layer pans)

Pop into a 350F degree pre-heated oven 

Test with a toothpick to make sure it comes out clean and then it’s done.

Frosting: 1 8-oz package of cream cheese; 1 stick of butter;  1 box confectioners sugar; 2 tsp. pure vanilla.

Whip up thoroughly, frost your COOL cake and enjoy.

PS: This is my dessert indulgence that I occasionally enjoy — telling myself that all those carrots make it healthy and good for my soul!  PSS:  I keep the recipe in a notebook I’ve had since 7th Grade Home Economics Class with Miss Reffelt.