Hope is like putting on eyeglasses if you need them. Without my reading glasses, words on a page are a blurry mess. For someone who loves to read, when I can’t find my glasses, this is stressful. But when I put glasses on, I can see! I feel alive and excited.

Hope is the same way. When we have hope, we are open to seeing opportunity. Hope is like putting on your glasses and looking into the mirror within your heart.

Sometimes when we need it, hope might not be so easy to find. Maybe it’s wherever we left our glasses, or written in the really fine print that sometimes seems to be getting smaller and smaller in our Contract with Life. But hope is always there, waiting to be seen and ready to provide a way if we choose to find it.

Hope kicks into action when we are willing to trust that our right actions will bring us the most positive possibilities. Choose hope and thoughtful action; then, anything is possible.

I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience