Inside of all of us older than fifty– there’s a 20 year old wondering, “What they heck happened?”

We got older and that’s better than not having this opportunity.  AND, the really great secret that aging allows us to understand —which is at the root of our disbelief about our age— is that we really haven’t changed that much in our 50, 60, 70 or 80+ years and we still retain much of our 20 year old selves. Of course our bodies change, but the essence of who we are, our spirit, doesn’t change that much.

Yes we get knocked around and build back up. We cry a little and hopefully laugh a lot more. We sometimes stay and other times move on. It’s the continuum of life. The time flies by everyday when we’re not even noticing (unless we’re sitting in traffic or late for a meeting.)

We got older. Now lots of old people don’t get wise with age…but aging is a catalyst in the process of accruing greater wisdom along with appreciation for others, life in general and a more spontaneous, childlike sense of fun.

So for those wondering, how do I accept aging? Or more importantly how do we ignore any negative thoughts we might have about age? By reminding ourselves we are still the very same person that we always were.  Think of it this way…we’re not getting older…we’re becoming classics!

Don’t stop looking forward & living your life.  And while you’re at it?  Forget your age.

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