The other day in my most recent YouTube video, I spoke about going with the flow.  To expand on this topic, I want to say that going with the flow does not mean abdicating our personal power.  It doesn’t mean that we just do what others tell us to do.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t think.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t bring our rational minds into the mix. It doesn’t mean that we stop making choices. 

Everyday our lives will require that we put forth effort.  This includes making decisions about what we need or want to do on any given day. It also includes how we want others to value our worth, our ideas, our personalities and our contributions to our relationships. 

It’s up to each of us to create and hold onto the image of who we want to be; determine how we want to be known; and, to act accordingly so we do not create conflicts between our self image and our actions, which is never healthy. 

The going with the flow part enters the picture when we find ourselves responding to the reactions of others. We cannot control those others nor their opinions, choices and actions. But in our hearts, if we know we are showing up, being the best we can be, trying our hardest to succeed and working to be a good person by our definition of good? Then, all you can do is show up and be ourselves: Going with the flow, not resisting, not fighting the currents, when those times arise that others for whatever reason seem to be disagreeing or disagreeable.

It is during these moments that our goal is to watch, observe and go with the flow.  Determining what fits and what should simply be allowed to wash away with little of our attention or allowing it to distract us from our overall life objective in being groovy. Or, using it all as a catalyst for our next choice.  

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