(SP)  “Something to chew on.”  “Going with your gut.”  I’ve been thinking a lot about these phrases because I often contemplate how expressions we use impact our wellbeing. Interestingly, both of these sayings imply that before making a decision, we should somehow acknowledge that there’s a connection between healthy choices and our digestive system.

I don’t think this is coincidental because the digestive system (your “gut) is responsible for processing nourishment and is connected to every part of your body, including your brain. We think better with healthy, full bellies. And, conversely, too much stress or toxicity can cause indigestion and ulcers possibly in-part because when we are stressed, we tend to crave “comfort” foods that may be delicious but may not provide the best ingredients for healthy bodies.

My colleague, certified nutritionist and weight loss coach @eatstrong.sophie founded @nutrisuits and its lead product, Losers’ Chews, to help people repopulate healthy gut flora. Losers’ Chews is a combined prebiotic-probiotic delicious supplement with essential vitamin D3 (perfect if you’re not getting as much sunlight as you’d like!). It’s easy to take in its chewable form and tastes great, even with no added sugar (thanks to xylitol.)

While designed to support a healthy gut microbiome, Losers’ Chews have 4 distinct benefits: 1) Require no refrigeration which is a big plus because they can be kept where you’ll see them – your desk at work, your coffee table at home, or your purse on the go. 2) Contain a unique 15-strain probiotic blend formulated precisely for healthy weight management.  3) Unlike most probiotic supplements and beverages are sugar free and instead, use inulin fiber to keep these prebiotic-probiotic strains alive and well. And, 4) Losers’ Chews are vegetarian, Keto-friendly, suitable for diabetics, non-GMO and Gluten free.

Though things may seem totally haywire sometimes, my gut says that Losers’ Chews may help you find balance and keep your body healthy and energized. I suck on two a day and see how long they can keep my mouth occupied! That alone helps keep me from overeating or stress-eating during the day!

You can learn more about Losers’ Chews here