A couple of years ago, I was a little tired as I sat in my rocking chair, gently swaying, while in the background I could hear our son with his very smart biology tutor, who is a medical student. Our son likely was also tired during this lesson as it was 8pm. The tutor was likely more tired than usual, too, because when I asked him if he wanted a tea or cappuccino (and he always chooses decf green tea) he surprised me by choosing the caffeinated coffee. 

As I was drifting off into a meditative state, what caught my attention most about their interaction, was that my son was asking far more questions than usual — likely with hopes that the teacher would just give him the answer. Yet in response, the tutor consistently answered each question with: “Well, what do you think?” My son responded each with, “Well I think…” 

This rhythmic flow went on for the hour. Afterwards, I asked my son, “So, what did you think about the session tonight?” He said, “I learned so much. I understand everything now and better than ever. I think it was my best session.”

It was interesting to observe teaching and learning by asking, rather than telling. What do you think? 

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