Why is it that when things are going wonderfully, we all like to take the credit, but when stuff seems to go down the crapper, somebody else must be responsible? ✨

Here’s the issue with this kind of thinking: It undermines the fact that each of us is a Co-Master of Our Own Fabulous Power-Full Universe. ✨

Wonderful or not, we are each playing some kind of role & contributing to most of whatever is happening in our lives. “Most of,” because sometimes really bad stuff happens, inflicted by circumstances or evil, and there’s no explanation for it. But for the most part, we are orchestrating what happens in our daily lives through our choices & actions—whether we realize it (and want to accept responsibility) or not. ✨

It’s important to understand this because: If we don’t like what’s happening in our lives—how we’re spending our time, the ways our relationships are relating, where we’re living, whatever—it’s time to figure out what we need to do to change it and act. If we can’t control whatever is bugging us at the moment, we must move on and fuhgettaboutit, as they say in New York City. ✨

Because we are each Co-Masters of the Universe, complaining, comparing or engaging in “what-ifs” is futile. We must each accept our roles, do the right things and not do anything purposely hurtful toward  each other.  Co-Masters of the Universe have super-powerful consciouses, so breaking this rule, without immediately asking for forgiveness and making amends, tends to hurt our long-term health and well-being. (Note: It is never too late to use the superpower that is called “an apology.”) ✨

Further, as we are all Co-Masters, when we take revenge or an angry route, we only hurt ourselves in the process. ✨

Upon accepting our strength and power, a greater capacity to be genuinely nicer to others activates. Why? Because the less threatened we are by the magnificence of others, the more good stuff boomerangs back to us. It’s how the oh-so-powerful universe works. The more we freely give out lots of good, the more good comes our way. ✨

PS: This photo by @gk_lolaphotography launched #SilverDisobedience I was pretending to be a #007 Femme Fatale.✨

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