Waves of Reflection are either great motivation for assessing ways to make positive changes going forward or a form of self-torture that keeps us mired in thinking unproductively. 

Being self-reflective might be a good thing — in small doses.

Take peeks into these waves of accompanying emotions, but don’t linger.

Hanging out in the past takes us out of the moment and brings out our best dramatic creativity as we re-write the scripts: what we coulda, shoulda, woulda done. Thinking about how we reacted, what we did or could have done, rehashing the words expressed by anybody involved, recalling whatever someone else did or we did: All such thinking removes us from what is happening now and what we can do today.

Our pasts have included both wonderful and painful memories—and everything in between. But yesterday is past. Last year is even older. Reflect briefly, but avoid lingering in extended stays of reflection. There are far better places to inhabit. Let the waves of emotions flow in and back out. They pass. Then, move forward with conviction and trust. Know that the path we each walk is our path that is shaped from all of our many experiences. 

PS: When I reflect on this photo, it kind of reminds me of Andy Warhol. Not sure why…

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