We all know that people react differently to the same things on different days. One day what we say and do doesn’t bother others. Then on other days, it seems as if we inadvertently trigger an apocalypse. The same holds for our reactions to others: Some days we find what they are doing amusing and it’s easy to roll with their antics. On other days? Their behaviors grate on our nerves—and we want to tell them, often with a flash of fury, exactly how we feel.

These up-and-down reactions to related situations are normal. High and low spirits can be counted upon with regularity as dependable as the ocean tides.

Various circumstances can hasten or delay our periods of elation and depression. When we’re feeling like we’re in a slump, good news gives our spirits a brief boost. Conversely, bad news is only mildly depressing when we’re feeling emotionally high.

Some research confirms that these mood cycles coincide with moon cycles or lunar cycles. In other words, our individual low or high periods are likely to develop a pattern—and our feeling will follow an up-and-down trajectory roughly every 33 days or so per cycle.

Then, for some of us, mood cycles are directly related to hormonal cycles.

Recognizing the normality of emotional cycles is very helpful. It helps us understand—particularly during the lows—that this too shall pass. There is nothing wrong with you—particularly as you are uniquely you. Try not to confuse your feelings for facts. Instead, be a little kinder and view your moods as your own personal lunar cycles that trigger fascinating emotional tides. This is a much kinder way to treat ourselves.

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