Are you starting to have wanderlust after spending so much time at home? With many people social distancing and not being able to see their children and grandchildren, it is fun to start thinking about future activities that will bring you together and bring you happiness. According to a recent survey by Overseas Leisure Group, 72% of American travelers have already begun making plans for future travel. If you have multiple kids and grandchildren, you know the difficulty with trying to coordinate a multigenerational activity, yet a vacation! There are different needs, wants, schedules, to try to accommodate, but planning and executing a successful family vacation is doable, especially with these helpful tips!

Make it a group decision

 It is imperative to pitch the idea of a family vacation to your adult children first before you start planning anything as you need to make sure there is interest but also everyone should have a say in travel dates, activity preferences, destination, and accommodations. If you have multiple children, create a group email or text or use communication apps like Whatsapp or Facebook messenger, where everyone can brainstorm ideas and pick a destination together. Carol Franchini, a travel concierge who has been serving clients for 39 years, recommends that families should consider a central location that is conducive for all. “Qualifying the majority’s geographical preference is utmost in a planning a trip that all will enjoy.”

Be Mindful of Budgets

When planning a vacation that involves multiple families, you can’t overlook that there will be different finical budgets. Have a call with each of your children individually to discuss what they can spend on the vacation and make it a priority to accommodate this need.

Accommodate Accommodations

Every family is different. Yours might be one that welcomes the opportunity to all be in one house together for the duration of the vacation. This could be good financially because renting a big house or villa could be cheaper than booking multiple hotel rooms. Companies like Vrbo and Airbnb. However, if each family wants more privacy and their own place to retreat to during the vacation, explore hotels or townhouses where each family can have their own living and sleeping quarters. Sites like TripAdvisor are helpful to get other traveler’s reviews on their past stays.

Appoint a Planner

Appoint one person in the family to plan the vacation. Each family has that one person who is particularly good at researching, planning, and communicating plans and likes to take charge. Once your family chooses a destination together and have had open communication about their wants and needs for the vacation, let the designated planner take it from there. Of course, use the family communication platform to update members about the planning process!

Ask an Expert

When you are investing this much time and money into something, it is helpful to use a travel specialist to help you plan the perfect vacation. Carol Franchini says “You want good memories from a family vacation, and hope that everyone wants to do it again, not never speak again! Working with an expert is the best thing you can do for you and your family to ensure a successful vacation.”

Just thinking about a family vacation might help satisfy your wanderlust during this time and give you something to get excited about! Finding those moments in life, where we can get excited with anticipation, can be an awesome way to set the tone for a day…or a life!

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