Back on August 5, 2019, at about 3pm in the afternoon, I decided at the last minute to buy two tickets for that evening’s The Rolling Stones concert. I invited my then 19 year old daughter to join me. The band members, well into their 70’s, showed that time did appear to be on their side. Their individual abilities to perform, never missing a beat, while being consummate musicians and entertainers defying most laws of physical stamina were on full display. It was remarkable for everyone in the crowd of 70,000 who absolutely got satisfaction.  ✨

Over the next couple of years, I often thought: What a shock it will be the day any one of The Rolling Stones dies. Why? Because in one way or another, all of us born in the 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond grew up with The Rolling Stones. Whether we liked their music or not — we couldn’t ignore it. We danced to the Stones, sang with them, cried with them and many journaled life through their music. ✨

Yesterday, just two years after the best concert I’d ever seen, Charlie Watts, the band’s legendary drummer died. Simultaneously I received disturbing news about someone I love dearly. I had plenty of good cries throughout the day as I dipped into sadness. ✨

The death of a stranger who seemed so familiar and known, yet not. Larger than life in ways that makes it seems impossible that death will ever come. But it does. For all of us. So again, death serves as a reminder that there’s no better time than today to start up and never never never stop until it’s time for the ultimate departure.✨

Charlie Watts, thank you. You’ll never fade away from the hearts of millions.  You rocked generations. You’ll for sure be the steady backbone to the choir of angels as you keep the timing just right. Thank you from us all for more than a lifetime of memories shared by your style, talent, class and musicianship. God speed. ✨

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