One of the best aspects of getting older may be a greater sense of patience and priorities. If you’re not at this point yet, it’s likely you might have noticed these annoying traits in “old” people who will only do exactly what they want to do!

With each passing year, we’ve picked up lessons about the correlation between time and effort. Prioritization of how we spend time begins aligning better with what we know or believe to be more important 

Stress levels rise if we’ve somehow disconnected with this wisdom—namely,  differentiating between what is urgent, and what (or whom) is more important to be spending time on (or with, including yourself). 

Satisfaction, health and well-being improve when we spend time on things that are really most important to us.

We all deal with seemingly urgent “must-dos”. What is “important” is highly personal to each of us. Yet prioritizing—between what is urgent versus important—absolutely raises life satisfaction. Acting on more of our important but not necessarily urgent choices raises our spirits. With each passing year, regardless of our responsibilities, prioritizing our vision, values, principles, conscience, focus and plans is at the root of the sense of peace we feel…or not.

It’s good to inventory our daily choices and actions so we are prioritizing the genuinely important over what is seemingly urgent but might not be truly so. It raises peace, progress and harmony within ourselves and even those around us because we are setting priorities regarding living the life we want to know we lived.

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