We each do what we want to do. So, the only way we can make a change is if we find the benefit that we will reap for ourselves by making that change.

Suppose we want to drop some excess weight & get ourselves in shape for the benefit of a greater energy & health. We are going to have to recognize our conditioned choices (behaviors) that are preventing this & take actions to change them. Here’s how: 1) We are going to eat more fruits & veggies and start walking & moving more. 2) We will eliminate the junk that keeps us from our goal. •  Sounds easy right? • Here’s what else will be necessary to reach our goals: 3) List out the triggers that break our resolve, like: The rationalizing voices in our heads (I deserve an ice cream sundae…I earned this pizza after my hard day…) Junk ‘food’ in the house. Building stress. Afternoon energy dips. Tiredness at night. 4) Define alternative actions. What are you going to do when you’re stressed & tired? You could take a walk. Read a book. Crunch carrots. Stretch. Take a shower. Get into bed. Paint. Draw. Write letters. Woodwork. Plant. Something that otherwise occupies our hands & mind. •  Next…5) Become aware in the moment. Keep telling ourselves it’s time to wake up our consciousness. Awareness is how we plant change. When we really think about an action, we can become aware of its benefits…and its disadvantages to us. Then, we can choose new behaviors like those we outlined above. • When we choose to really become aware of what we’re doing: Not rationalizing that we’re doing it because we’ve been triggered by some external force, we can become unstuck. It’s not to say we won’t still eat junk occasionally— but we’ll be doing it with awareness of our actions which are choices. It’s not about “trying” to change. Change happens when we become fully aware: We wake up, recognizing that we do what we want to do. When we’re fully aware, it’s very hard to act counter to our awareness. Suddenly, we find ourselves doing more of what what would be more beneficial & less of what is counter to our physical, mental & emotional wellness.

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