So a few months ago, as I was trying to market in new ways, to get my new company Creative Content Loft off the ground, I decided to do some good old-school NYC marketing = Plastering stickers everywhere and anywhere.  

Yet…as I am basically a very law-abiding citizen who is always respectful of other people’s property, I did not put my QR code stickers anywhere that could be offensive or hurtful to another’s property.  But, as this is New York, there were and are always plenty of spaces and places to find, where I could put my stickers on top of the 100 other stickers others had already placed. Maybe it’s a double standard, but,  I’m OK with contributing to that kind of artwork.

So yesterday, I was taking a walk down 9th Avenue. While mostly looking straight ahead or assessing my surroundings in my wrap around sunglasses that allow me to check out the scene without others knowing where I’m looking — low and behold! To what to my wondering eyes should appear…but one of my stickers that had apparently floated through the air from far, far away….ending up on the sidewalk, directly in my path!

Now perhaps, I might be superstitious. But, I think finding this sticker was a sign from the Universe, telling me that I’m going in the right direction. What do you think? 

PS: I’m not signing this.  I think I need to stay anonymous so the sticker police cannot find me…